What do we provide?

What we look after :

  • A Community Hall with :
    • a large room for sports/activities /events.
    • A meeting room
    • A Bar area
    • A kitchen with dishwasher, cooker, cutlery plates etc
    • Ample car parking next to the hall
  • Woodland Area adjacent to hall and reaching to Duke Street
  • Playing fields in both Hintlesham and Chattisham
    • On the Hintlesham Playing field, we have a football pitch, a picnic area, a multi-games area ( MUGA) a hut with changing facilities, a car park, and a children’s play area.

It is important that the village sets the direction for the facilities it offers and understands and agrees to the financial model we work to.  To this end we have two Community Council meetings a year which is open to everyone from the village and has representatives from the Parish Council,  all the committees underpinning the Community Council, and also all the clubs that use the hall and its environs.

What makes up the Community Council is pictorially shown below :


The first meeting, held in March is the Community Council AGM where reports from all parties are given, and officers are voted on to fill the Community Executive positions.

The second meeting, held in October is a progress report to discuss any particular interesting topics.

The Community Council is a registered charity with Trustees, and is managed by the Community Council Executive Committee; this in turn has numerous sub committees reporting to it.

Community Council Executive Committee

The Community Council Executive comprises a Chair, Vice- Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and five other representatives.  Once appointed the Community Council Executive appoints Chairs to the following groups:

The Social Club Committee and MUGA hold their own AGMs.