How you can help/be involved

We aim to maintain and develop our facilities but, as you can imagine, this takes money and effort.  We try to do this by utilising both volunteer labour and purchased specialist skills when appropriate.  We are always grateful for any volunteers so please contact if you would like to help.  Any assistance is gratefully received so please don’t be held back by thinking you don’t have anything to offer.  We have opportunities to join working parties, committees, or just help out when we have, say, a fun afternoon in the hall.  As you can expect we are always on the lookout for tradesman as well, so again please get in touch if you’re happy to help out.

Please use the bottle bank, paper and fabric recyclingas much as possible; this provides a hefty income to us which is really helpful!

Join the 200 club – if you wish to have a chance of winning a cash prize and help generate money for the community  please email