Social Club

Situated within the Community Hall, the Hintlesham & Chattisham Social Club is well established with competitive bar prices.  The Club offers a family-friendly environment and also welcomes canine friends, which must be kept on leads. 

We are delighted to be reopening following lockdown and have put together some guidelines for members and guests to help maintain us COVID-secure #COVID-19. We’ve added to our selection of beers, wines, spirits soft drinks, and snacks.  Also on offer is pool at 50p a game, darts and a TV on which a variety of sporting events are shown.  

Opening Times

Wednesday: 7-10pm (last orders 9:40)

Friday: 7-10pm (last orders 9:40)

Saturday: 7-10 pm (last orders 9:40)

Sunday:  12.00noon – 2.00pm

Annual membership is £5 adult, £12 family, £50 life.

To apply for membership download the application form below and email to the membership secretary or drop it off at the Community Hall when you come for a drink.


Social Club Membership Application form

The Social Club is managed by a general committee made up as follows:

Chairperson:  John Whyman
Treasurer:  Debbie Archer
Secretary: Maria Ward
Membership Secretary: Cristiana Velloso Langton
Other Committee members: John Shapland, Mark Smith

Hintlesham&Chattisham Social Club Rules

For the most up to date information please see our Facebook page

COVID-19 Guidelines for Members and Guests

  1. Access into the club will be restricted to members and guests only.
  2. Use of face covering indoors is required (from 24/9/20), unless you are seated at a table to eat or drink. You must wear a face covering on arrival, departure, when paying at the bar or moving around the community hall to use the loos or to play darts or pool. If you were exempt from wearing a face covering prior to 24/9/2020 for health reasons, your exemption still applies. Guidance and support from the British Lung Foundation can be found here.
  3. Hand sanitiser is available on entering the hall and in the meeting room, please use it or wash your hands on arrival.
  4. A one way system is in place, please enter through the main hall entrance and exit through bar or meeting room doors, depending on where you are seated.
  5. A maximum of six people are allowed per table please, unless you are all in the same household or support bubble. You must not interact with others who are not seated with your group.
  6. Occupancy in the Bar area is limited to 7, in the Meeting Room to 12 and in the Main Hall to 30.
  7. Maintain social distance of 2m face to face or 1m + (sitting side by side or back to back, passing others facing away from them, use of screens in bar area, use of face masks). When seated, space yourself from others at your table according to the 2m or 1m+ guidelines above. Tables have been set up to help you do this.
  8. Table service will be provided.
  9. Empty glasses will be collected from your table.
  10. Card payments may be made at the bar, until we receive a cordless machine. Please use a contactless card if possible. Cash payments can be made from the table.
  11. Only one person is allowed access to the toilets at any one time.
  12. A daily record of attendance (including phone numbers) at the club will be kept for 21 days then destroyed. Alternatively, you may use the NHS App and the QR code displayed at the venue.
  13. Those working at the bar have access to gloves, masks and sanitiser, and are encouraged to wash their hands as well as wipe down surfaces behind the bar and around the club (door handles and plate, tables etc) regularly.
  14. Pool and Darts
  • Only six people are allowed to play together and must form part of the same group. You cannot play with others sitting on separate tables.  
  • Face coverings must be worn.
  • Cues & rests will be sanitised after every match and stored behind the bar when not being used.
  • Bring your own darts and sanitise them before beginning play. Sanitation material is available upon. 
  • Pool balls and table will be cleaned regularly and whenever users change. 
  • Sanitiser will be sprayed on to the baize after users change and at the end of the day.
  • The darts board will be cleaned after each group finishes using it. 

General Measures

Screens are installed at the bar.

All doors and or windows will be wedged open to improve ventilation.

Please observe any markings and notices displayed. 

The measures above are being put into place to keep our staff, volunteers, members and guests safe. The Club has been cleaned thoroughly since the lockdown. Although some of the safeguards listed above may not be ideal, we  are having to implement the ‘new normal’ in order to remain open and prevent to spread of COVID-19. We are very grateful for your help and collaboration. 

Please work with us so that we can help get things back to how they used to be as soon as possible. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

 Government guidelines and updates can be accessed below:

The guidance we are following can be found here.