The Community Council Events Committee

The Events Committee runs 1 to 2 Events per month throughout the year that:

  • foster a sense of community among residents of the two villages;
  • raise funds for the upkeep of the facilities;
  • give us a lot of fun!

Clubs & Organisations

The Villages have many Clubs & Organisations that provide a varied array of additional Events & Activities. The Community Council has the facilities that provide locations / infrastructure for these and where these Events / Activities utilise a location/facility that is managed via this site then the activities will be published in parallel with the Community Council Events.

For detailed searches of the various Events / Activities go to the “Locations, Categories or Tags” tabs of the menu

  • Location is where the event is happening 
  • Category is Bunching of common events i.e. Community Events are events open too all
  • Types are just specific event(s) i.e. Bingo will show all Bingo events on the system