This website is run by the Community Council and is primarily designed to provide information about the assets managed by the council, it provides information on activities run by village based clubs and organisations and it provides information on the Events run by the Community Council Events Committee, there is also a self-service booking mechanism for the various facilities.

Note: This site is separate from Our Village Website which provides more information on the parish council, school, churches, clubs / organisation and other guidance and advice for villagers and visitors.

On this site you can see when each facility is booked, what it’s booked for, this will help in identifying Events and Activities you may wish to attend but it also supports location and date investigation should you wish to “make a booking” (see menu).

The tabs “Events and Activities” are what we do, Sub-button “Locations” are where we do it, “Categories” Sub-button shows the customers who hire the assets of the community council. The  “Tags” Sub-button shows the type of activity. Finally the Calendar button supports date searching so you can see what’s on and when its on.


  • The Community Centre where there is a main hall, a smaller meeting room, a kitchen and a bar area
  • The Hintlesham playing/sports field
  • The Hintlesham sports pavilion; changing facilities / toilets
  • The Chattisham Play Park – A selection of swings/slides etc plus area for ball games
  • The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) –  On the Hintlesham Playing Field, it will be available free for villagers who book it..
  • The Woodland; On the grounds where the Community Centre is built is a spacious woodland also managed by the community council. Villagers and their guests are invited to explore this area.

Our address is :

Timperleys,Hintlesham, Ipswich, IP8 3PS