Village broadband update

ByPhil Archer

Village broadband update

At the end of September, I wrote a note here, subsequently repeated November’s Link, concerning broadband speeds in the village.

It seems the problem is only shared by a few of us. All the new builds in Duke Street have fibre to the premises, it looks as if everyone connected to the new box outside Corner Farmhouse in Chattisham, certainly at the Church end of the Street, is well served.

Bottom line: there are only a few of us with poor broadband in Hintlesham and Chattisham and a desire to see it improved. The worst speeds are experienced by those of us between the two villages, i.e. Doves Cottage, Mill House, and the four properties at Chattisham Hall/Hall Farm.

I went back to Open Reach and explained the situation – no change from their quote. The costs are way, way beyond the grants that are available. Grants would cover it, or almost cover it, if everyone connected to the exchange at the top of Chattisham Lane joined in – but that would require about 30 households going through a process that solves a problem many of those people don’t really have.

So some of us are very much stuck with what we have. One video at a time, once conference call at a time, and if I have a big file to upload, unplug the wired connection and use my phone as a hotspot – it’s quicker.

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