Community Council Coronavirus impact update

ByTym Moore

Community Council Coronavirus impact update

The Social Club have decided, in light of Government recommendations, to close the Social Club Bar until further notice.  This is to protect both staff and customers alike from infection. 

The Hall currently remains open; however, nearly all organisations have cancelled for the foreseeable future.  A few activities in the Hall are commercial enterprises and the Hall remains open for them to operate as small businesses, so important to their proprietors.  This will continue as long as it complies with the emergency regulations and we are able to maintain the cleaning regime.  

HCCC also holds itself ready to offer space for any self-help enterprises within the village, again, as long as it is allowed and activities are compliant.  

The two villages have a history of being very supportive to their residents and already, offers of help are being made.  If you are not already signed up, we would urge you to join the Facebook pages, and to check the websites where information will be posted.  Form mutual help teams with neighbours, for we have no idea where or when this virus may spread.  Stay well and safe.  Tym Moore – Chairman HCCC

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