MUGA Club 2nd Annual General Meeting

ByAndrew Bryce

MUGA Club 2nd Annual General Meeting

Dear Hintlesham & Chattisham MUGA Members,

You are invited to attend the Hintlesham & Chattisham MUGA Club 2nd Annual General Meeting which will be held in the Community Centre Meeting Room at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11th February 2020.

Annual General Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome & Apologies for Absence
  • Declarations of Interest
  • Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 6th February 2019 to be received and approved.
  • Reports from Officeholders and Presentation of AccountsChair’s Report (Stephanie Coupland)
  • Treasurers Report & Presentation of Accounts (Chris Hewett)
  • Facilities Co-ordinator’s Report (Simon Hyde)
  • Schools Liaison Officer’s Report (Cris V. Langton)
  • Community & Parish Council Officer’s Report (Debbie Archer)
  • Club Junior’s Co-ordinator’s Report (Stuart Kellett)
  • Membership & Communications Officer’s Report (Andrew Bryce)
  • Appointment of Auditors
  • Appointment of Officeholders – The club will be seeking to appoint: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Facilities Coordinator, Membership & Communications Officer, Club Juniors Co-ordinator & School Liaison Officer and other appointments as the Executive Committee consider appropriate subject to the maximum number of members as set out in the club’s constitution. All current officers are eligible for re-appointment. All Nominations must be received by the Secretary, in writing and supported by two member signatures, 14 days prior to the date of the AGM. Nominations may be accepted from the floor of the meeting at the Chair’s entire discretion.
  • Members Proposed Resolutions – All Resolutions must be submitted to the secretary no less than 7 days prior to the date of the AGM. Proposed changes to the Constitution 21 days prior to the AGM.
  • Any Other Business – To deal with any matters, at the discretion of the Chair.

John Whyman – Honorary MUGA Club Secretary


Date: 13th January 2020

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