ByPhil Archer

Village broadband update

At the end of September, I wrote a note here, subsequently repeated November’s Link, concerning broadband speeds in the village.

It seems the problem is only shared by a few of us. All the new builds in Duke Street have fibre to the premises, it looks as if everyone connected to the new box outside Corner Farmhouse in Chattisham, certainly at the Church end of the Street, is well served.

Bottom line: there are only a few of us with poor broadband in Hintlesham and Chattisham and a desire to see it improved. The worst speeds are experienced by those of us between the two villages, i.e. Doves Cottage, Mill House, and the four properties at Chattisham Hall/Hall Farm.

I went back to Open Reach and explained the situation – no change from their quote. The costs are way, way beyond the grants that are available. Grants would cover it, or almost cover it, if everyone connected to the exchange at the top of Chattisham Lane joined in – but that would require about 30 households going through a process that solves a problem many of those people don’t really have.

So some of us are very much stuck with what we have. One video at a time, once conference call at a time, and if I have a big file to upload, unplug the wired connection and use my phone as a hotspot – it’s quicker.

ByTym Moore

Community Hall faces an Uncertain Future

Like many enterprises at the moment the Community Council (which has responsibility for our Hall, the adjacent car park area, the woodland running along George Street and the Hintlesham and Chattisham playing fields ) is facing the implications from the Covid-19 situation which is now, sadly , all too familiar to us.

Firstly, it hits our primary role, which is to provide a place for us to meet and enjoy each other’s company, and secondly, it significantly impacts our financial standing.

The Community Executive must give huge thanks to both Richard Debanks and the Social Committee in their work to allow us to open the hall and bar, albeit in a very limited way.  Richard established risk assessments to ensure that we are fully Covid-19 compliant and worked tirelessly with hall hirers to ensure that all required actions were followed.  The Social Committee must be commended for working hard so they have been able to open the bar on occasions which has allowed villagers to say hello to each other in person, which has been well received.

The impact of only opening in a limited way is financially devastating.  Our income has dropped by more than half, whilst our overheads, which we are trying to contain, continue at almost normal level.  The HCCC Executive, faced with a prolonged period of financial losses, will now only commit funds to essential maintenance tasks, such as structural repairs, maintenance work on the woodland with external contractors, and repairs to the Hintlesham Playing field boundary fence, all situations that need us to protect our property or to fulfil health and safety or legal requirements.

You can help us in supporting the community facilities in these difficult times by:

  • Using the bottle and paper recycling located in the community car park. This adds up to £1,000 p.a. to our income annually and it would be great if we could increase this.
  • Joining, or increasing your membership of the 200 club.
  • Supporting the Social Club by :
    • Joining as an annual, life, or family member
    • Coming along when the bar is open and having your favourite tipple
  • When online shopping use a “giving machine” (https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/causes/hintlesham–chattisham-community-council/) It’s a simple search to find  “Hintlesham & Chattisham Community Council” or by using our quick sign up code “266620”, then click to your favourite shops and a percentage of your shopping bill is converted into a cash donation to us at no extra cost to you.  There are over 2,000 shops participating,
    • Just start at The Giving Machine website, desktop reminder or mobile app whenever you go shopping and you’ll raise free cash donation for Hintlesham & Chattisham Community Council.

If you want to find out more about the Community facilities look up our website –https://hintleshamandchattisham.co.uk . We’d love to have you help us, either by contributing suggestions, of being actively involved in what we do. Simply get in touch, all our details are on our website


Tym Moore

Chair – Hintlesham and Chattisham Community Council

ByPhil Archer

Better broadband?

Broadband speed test showing 19MB down, 1Mb up

More of us than ever are working from home. Zoom, GoToMeeting and all the others are now part of many people’s lives as much as Netflix and iPlayer. This raises a problem – the low broadband speeds some of us have. I get around 19Mbps download (not great, but usable) but only 1Mbps upload. That means that when I’m in a video conference, I can’t usually have my camera on and share my screen at the same time.

It is possible to massively improve those speeds if BT Openreach install fibre to the premises (FTTP) but this is only affordable if lots of people join in. I recently got a quote for me and my three immediate neighbours. Let’s just say the price was prohibitive, but if we expand it to cover around 30 addresses, the price falls to less than £400 per premises if you take into account the government grant available to rural homes and businesses.

I’m happy to coordinate a community effort for H&C, but I need to know who might be interested in finding out more. If that’s you, please drop me a line at phil@philarcher.org. No commitment at this point, just a fact-finding exercise.