Do I need to be a member to use the MUGA pitch?

Yes only members who are registered on our Booking Website may use the facility. This ensures everyone using the facility has recognised our Terms of Use and also enables them to book the court for use.


As a member can I just turn up and use the MUGA pitch?

We ask that you book the MUGA pitch via the Booking Website to secure the booking time.


What are the times we can book the pitch for?

It is available from 07:00-22:00 except for school term time where the court is reserved after school for children to use from 15:00-17:00.


How do the lights work?

The LED lighting can be turned on via the grey box just inside the court.  These lights are set up so they come on once the external sensor recognises it is dark enough.  This feature is designed to save energy. The lights will not operate after 22:00. Please ensure you turn the lights off after you have finished.


I play/train on a Thursday evening in a football team in Ipswich, can we hire this pitch?

Any of our community involved in teams or clubs which wish to use the facility with their club are welcome, they just need to ensure they are a MUGA Club member and that they play in the game.  Therefore at least one person playing would be a member of the MUGA Club and also part of our community. There will be a fee of £20 per hour for these games to help fund the annual management and maintenance of the facility due to the greater wear and tear from these type of use.  To arrange this please message the Admin team via the Booking System.  Longer term block bookings an also be arranged. (In the future this may get expanded to clubs/teams outside our community.)


Can my child use the court after school?

We have blocked the court for after school use in term time (15:00-17:00) for school children to play on.  We just ask that you, as the parent or guardian, register as a members of the MUGA Club to ensure you are aware of the Terms of Use and can make your child aware of them too. Please do feel free to get together with other parents and perhaps organise a coaching session, or fun games during these times.


If I wished to, how do I make a donation towards the running cost, whilst there is no membership fee?

Please just message the Admin team via the Booking Website and we can send you further details from there.  We really do appreciate any donations to help with the running of facility including the annual maintenance costs such as moss control, contractors cleaning the surface, etc.


If we identify a problem, fault or issues with the court, fencing or facilities who to contact?

Please drop a line to the Admin Team via the Booking System and we will investigate as soon as we can. It is our community’s facility and it is in all our interest to look after it so please do share anything you notice. Thank you.  If it is urgent please call the Emergency Contact number on the court or on the website.


If we have noticed abuse of the court or do not feel those using it are adhering to our Terms of Use what should I do?

If you feel happy to, please have a quiet word with them or otherwise notify the Admin Team via the Booking System.  Please supply as much detail as possible including the nature of the incident and the time of the event. If it is urgent please call the Emergency Contact number on the court or on the website.


Where are the Tennis Nets/Posts stored?

The tennis nets and posts will be stored in a secure box outside of the court to ensure maximum playable space on the court.  The code for the box will be sent out within a court Booking Confirmation.  Please ensure you follow the instructions for installing the net and posts which will be within the box. In time, we hope to have an online video demo too.  After your game please ensure you return them and lock them securely away again. If the people playing after you wish to use the nets it is your responsibility to ensure they put them away and understand how to do it. Nets and posts are not cheap to replace so we need to ensure ours are looked after well and kept secure.


There is lots of sand on the court, will it always be like that?

There is a lot of sand on the surface of the court at the beginning which will impact the quality of play on the court.  The reason for this is that we have not had any rain since construction.  Rain is required to wash the sand down into the pile of the carpet.  This will just take some time to get washed in but it is very important the excess sand is not swept off.  It will take a couple of months to get to fully playable status as it needs rain and use of the court to help bed it into the surface.  We will be “raking” the court to spread/distribute the sand around the court once a week for first couple of months to help keep the sand evenly spread.