The villages of Hintlesham and Chattisham are very excited to be opening our new Multi Use Game Area (MUGA) in mid/late July 2018.   Our preferred contractor, Cambridge Courts,  started work 14th  May 2018.   This will provide our  community with an all-weather court for all, young and old, to make use of and with the inclusion of an LED lighting system it has even wider potential usage.

A team of volunteers have workws hard to boost our funds to enable us to finish the court with our preferred “Astro-Turf” style surface.  This will give the best experience for the users of the court and help secure more bookings, which in turn will help the “self-funding” for the annual maintenance of the facility.

The MUGA will be available for individual bookings, as well as teams/clubs from within and outside of our community.  Hopefully we will see lots of new clubs being formed within the villages and sports coaching for our youngsters too.  If you have any ideas of clubs you would like to start then keep in touch and we will help how we can.

The MUGA will be available for the following activities and possible more:

  • Five-a-Side Football
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Fitness Training

We are working with the village school to see how the facility can help them and provide enhanced facilities for their PE and sports lessons.   We are also hoping to block the MUGA facility out after school for our community’s children to have priority use which will help keep them fit and active…and burn off any last energy remaining after a hard day’s education!

Further details on membership, fees, usage times, online-booking system, etc will all be here on this site once we are closer to the opening date.

If you have any ideas, fund raising support/contacts or wish to get involved in the MUGA Management Team please do contact Andrew Bryce (

The MUGA Development Project Team are really exciting that after nearly 3 years of hard work by a large number of people our new facility will soon be open.