Exec & Sub Committee Minutes

The following are the recent minutes of the meetings of the Community Council Executive Committee and the sub committee(s) that manage the various items under the Community Council. If you have any questions please contact the relevant person as identified in the contacts page of this site.


EXEC Minutes                              Date : 1/1/18
EXEC Management Minutes 01_01_18 final

Hall Committee                           Date : 2/1/18
HALL Management Minutes 02_01_18 final

Events Committee                      Date : 3/1/18
Event Committee Minutes 03_01_18 final

Woodland Committee               Date : 4/1/18

Hall Environments                     Date : TBA

Hintlesham PF & Chattisham PF
Meeting                          Date : 17/5/18

Muga Team
Meeting                           Date : TBA

Bar Social Club
AGM –                              Date : 24/5/18
Meeting                           Date :