HCCC Mid Year 2018 Meeting Saturday 26th October 2019

14:30 in the Meeting Room, Community Hall


  1. Minutes of mid-year meeting 2018 and matters and matters arising
  2. Chairman’s mid-year report
  3. Adoption of the nomination procedure into the Constitution – Procedure for the nomination of Executive Committee Members of the Council at the AGM 5c. Candidates for the Executive Committee shall be nominated and seconded by members of the Parish. The nomination shall be made in writing and countersigned by the candidate. A form shall be available from the Secretary of the Committee. (secretary.communitycouncil@hintleshamandchattisham.co.uk) The nomination shall be received by the Secretary no less than one-week prior to the date of the AGM. The procedure applies to both to new candidates and to candidates standing for re-election.

Tym Moore

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